Make the worlds (and jobs) you want to see

Join The Party’s new miniseries shows a different, sustainable side to making D&D actual play

Make the worlds (and jobs) you want to see
Credit: Christopher Pickett

In February, Multitude studio’s long-running actual play podcast Join The Party launched Legends Across The Tides. The three-episode limited anthology series is set in an ecologically-inspired pirate world using 5e-compatible classes from Valda’s Spire of Secrets by third-party publisher Mage Hand Press. 

DM’d by Eric Silver and featuring familiar faces from across the TTRPG industry including Connie Chang (Transplanar), Dannielle Radford (Dimension 20), and Jasper William Cartwright (Three Black Halflings); the team at Multitude described this miniseries as “the latest of his creative attempts to welcome new audiences into TTRPGs, Actual Play podcasts, and our broader gaming community.” 

"It took me a very long time to realize that the behind the camera skills I have could turn into a job that people wanted and made me into someone that people wanted to talk to."

After seven years in the still-developing medium, Join The Party has evolved alongside it, amassing over six million downloads and a touring live show, becoming the flagship production for a successful and sustainable podcasting studio. Rascal sat down with Silver to discuss how the Multitude team has shifted with the rolling tides of AP, decentering Christianity in his eco-world building, and the mindset behind turning actual play into a long-term career.

This interview has been edited for clarity, length, and flow.