This Week on Morning Ritual

This week Anita and Noir invite Avian Op-Ed Columnist Chad the Bird to chat TTRPGs and more

This Week on Morning Ritual
Promo Image for the show Featuring Anita Noir and Chad the Bird
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In what could be their wildest interview yet, Morning Ritual welcomes felted guest Chad the Bird to the show Saturday April 6th. Chad, best known on TikTok and YouTube for his insightful and hilarious commentary on current events and pop culture, a natural fit for the chaotic morning show known for its broad scope of topics.

Morning Ritual is a TTRPG chat show that spotlights inclusion and the positive effects roleplaying games. Since 2020, the show has hosted luminaries from throughout the tabletop space asking insightful questions about the industry with equal parts chaos, humor and charm.

Morning Ritual's previous guest list including Persephone Valentine, Matthew Mercer, Doctor Emily Friedman and more

For nearly three and a half years and over 130 episodes, Morning Ritual has interviewed guests from across the TTRPG space including Aabria Iyengar, Dillin Apelyan (AKA SuperDillin), Brennan Lee Mulligan, Rascal News' Lin Codega and many others.

Morning Ritual streams live on at 8AM Pacific/11 Eastern with VODs available on Twitch and Youtube after the show airs.