New Community Resource Just Dropped : a TTRPG Content Calendar

Let the world know when and what TTRPG concoctions you have in store.

New Community Resource Just Dropped : a TTRPG Content Calendar
Disclaimer : This is a community resource for TTRPG content creators and consumers everywhere. No Affiliation with the digital media brand, 'TV Guide'.
This is a community submitted press release.

Have a hankering for some TTRPG content but don’t know who’s streaming today? Want to watch other cool people play a game you’ve been curious about? You know you saw mention of an earth-shattering episode of an incredible TTRPG podcast - but can’t remember when it comes out or where to find it?

On the flip side, do you have a TTRPG streamed event, an Actual Play one-shot/mini-series, podcast, talk show or any other incredible thing you put your heart into - and want more folx to know about?

Poorna M amd Armaan Babu (the two halves of Weave Games) have come out with a new community resource that might be just the thing you're looking for : a public Google Calendar you can simply add to yours, or bookmark when you want to see what's streaming and where.

"It occurred to us that there is currently no place where we can turn when bored or in need of content - to see 'what's on tonight' or 'right now' in the world of TTRPG content. Actual Plays, panels, podcasts, the lot!"

The idea is also to provide some visibility to content creators who might find their podcast/stream announcements getting lost in the sheer volume of social media noise.

If you want to add your TTRPG content to this public calendar, here's how to do it.

A note about the instigators :

Weave Games, an Indian Indie TTRPG outfit based in India, is made up of two storytellers : Poorna M and Armaan Babu. They are both game designers in their oen right but together, they love creating storytelling games like Love is on the Cards and A Stitch in Time.