Numberless Secrets

Wuxia Mystery Roleplaying for Hearts of Wulin

Numberless Secrets
This is a community submitted press release.

Age of Ravens Games has released Numberless Secrets, a wuxia mystery supplement for Hearts of Wulin. Written by Lowell Francis, designer and co-author of Hearts of Wulin, this 108 page pdf is now available on Drivethrurpg and

Numberless Secrets presents rules, options, and adventures for using Hearts of Wulin to play PbtA wuxia mystery stories. Inspired by Chinese series like Ancient Detective, Heaven Official’s Blessing, and Detective Di, you play investigators untangling a web of clues while dealing with matters of heart and duty. Originally presented as a small chapter in Hearts of Wulin Worlds, this supplement offers a 1.5 version and expands that with a ton of additional material:

Numberless Secrets has:

  • New Moves
  • New “Detective” Roles for Every Playbook
  • Advice on Running and Creating Mysteries
  • Six Complete Cases– including a Trilogy of Linked Stories
  • An Example of Play for the Mystery-Solving Phase
  • Notes on Wuxia Series Sources
  • An Extensive Overview of the Many "Detective Di Renjie" Films

Numberless Secrets requires the Hearts of Wulin corebook. It builds on approaches created by Oli Jeffrey and the investigation process of games like Apocalypse Keys and Rosewood Abbey.

Now at Age of Ravens Games, Hearts of Wulin is a game of wuxia romance, action, and melodrama Powered by the Apocalypse.

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Contact: Lowell Francis