One week left to abduct alien romance zine Biotrophication

The first physical TTRPG by designer and artist Darling Demon Eclipse is leaving Kickstarter soon!

One week left to abduct alien romance zine Biotrophication
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Given the choice between the possessive stare of a forceful but caring angel and the cold grip of capitalism… Well, at least the angel is caring, right?

Biotrophication is a horror sci-fi romance TTRPG zine for two players which explores themes of bureaucracy, intelligent life, capitalism and petplay. It's funding on Kickstarter, with less than a week to go until its wrap-up date of March 2nd.


A short trailer for Biotrophication

In Biotrophication, one player plays a human who has resisted becoming a compliant biotrophy and the other player plays an alien who questions the ideology behind conquering humanity and creating human biotrophies in the first place. As their relationship develops over three acts, the two might find common ground, disagreements, grudges and even love... or everything will fall apart.

Created by Darling Demon Eclipse, known for collaborating on horror-transformation TTRPG WE LIVE FOREVER (And We Love To Live) and the upcoming fantasy heartbreaker Sapphicworld, this game invites players to indulge in dark, tentacle-heavy romance.

Biotrophication features the sleek layout talents of Xan "Lithish" Farley

The Kickstarter campaign blew past its $1400 funding goal, and has hit its first stretch goal (a guest act by a transformation writer) at $1700. If the campaign reaches $2000 additional polygonal art will be made for the game, and at $2400 a full synth soundtrack will be made to accompany play.

With less than a week left, be sure to back the game so you can be one of the first to make out with an evil alien!