Playing games amidst the revolution

We are practicing a better world.

Playing games amidst the revolution
Photo by Boston Public Library on Unsplash

For the past 200 days, I have played games. During the entirety of my work at Rascal, I have played games. I have thought about games, I have observed games, I have made games. I have begun to build a community around this journalistic thought-experiment, around writing, around corporate accountability–and throughout it all, I have played games

Around me, on social media, in the streets of my hometown and across the globe, I have witnessed an immense and indescribable suffering. The people of Gaza have been slaughtered. The Zionist invasion of Palestine has been ongoing for 75 years, and the U.S. government is complicit in their oppression, colonialism, and genocide. 

And I am playing games. 

I have done what I can—donated when I had money, protested in my small town, wrote letters in support of my local city council passing a ceasefire resolution. I have fed my friends and they have fed me. These are the small things expected of a citizen, the duty of a moral creature who sees injustice and has no other response but to move in solidarity towards a more just world. These are the impetuses that the students of the revolution all feel; that desire to un-wrong the world. But I know that the world will not ever be set right again. 

And still, despite this, I am playing games

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