Playing God, An Original, Mythological TTRPG Now Funding!

An original tabletop roleplaying game inspired by real-world and fantasy mythologies is now funding!

Playing God, An Original, Mythological TTRPG Now Funding!
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Why Play a Mere Mortal When You Can Be a God?

Playing God is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by mythologies from around the world. Instead of playing a mortal hero, you are a god. During deity creation, you choose one or more domains, an origin, and a symbol.

You can play this game with or without a GM, and as a solo game or with multiple players! No matter how many people are at your table, the Deck of Fate simulates the mystifying actions of mortals as the ages roll on.

Will you create worlds and populate them? Will you steal worshipers and domains from your enemies? Will you and other gods fight as avatars? Will you create afterlives and connected planes of reality? Will you sunder pantheons? Or will you save the multiverse from its foretold doom?

The cosmos are in your hands in Playing God!

Two physical copies of Playing God, one showing the cover and one open to a two-page spread while a god of harvest looks on.