Queen’s Court Games recognizes six outstanding creators with inaugural CROWN grant awards

Queen’s Court Games recognizes six outstanding creators with inaugural CROWN grant awards
Credit: Queen's Court Games
This is a community submitted press release.

Queen’s Court Games announced the winners at the inaugural CROWN Grant Awards on February 16, selecting six outstanding actual play creators to receive cash awards and creative mentorship. Held online via Twitch.tv, the first-of-its kind event marked a significant milestone in attempts to recognize and support emerging talent in the actual play landscape.

Winners were chosen from a pool of more than thirty applicants. The judging panel considered each production according to its storytelling, performance, and technical achievement, with special consideration given to first-time festival submitters, and to BIMPOC and LGBT+ creators.

“Choosing between so many exceptional artists was no easy feat. There was a staggering amount of talent and passion on display, and we were debating finalists right up to the final buzzer,” said Queen’s Court Games Co-Founder and Managing Director Aaron Hammonds. “Every winner deserves an enormous amount of praise for rising to the top of an application pool jam-packed with incredible work.”

Originally intended to honor five selectees, the inclusion of a sixth award was a late development.

“We asked every judge to review each project individually and assign it a score based on some common criteria. We figured with so many different judges, we’d be able to rank everyone by score and then have a final discussion about our choices as a group. We didn’t expect a five-way tie at the top of the ballot,” said Vee Locke, Co-Founder and Art Director. “At that point, you don’t want to say no to someone who is a consensus favorite among all the judges. So we looked at our budget, moved some number around, and said, ‘Alright, we can make this math work.’”

Each of the six winners will receive a cash award of $400 to cover admission fees at ten festivals in the Audio Fiction World Cup. Additionally, the creative team at Queen’s Court Games will personally mentor each winner, helping them create submission materials and navigate the application process.


Equal parts Cowboy Bebop and Mobile Suit Gundam, Blink Space Blues aspires for technical greatness with their superbly produced Lancer actual-play. This BIMPOC-led space-faring adventure leans heavily on themes of anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism as it follows the crew of the outlaw starship Nebula as they navigate a galaxy at war.

“Thank you so much for believing in the Super Journey Dudes! As a BIPOC-led TTRPG podcast we’ve faced so many hurdles in terms of validation and visibility. Thank you so much for recognizing us, and this wonderful honor.” – Chris Tung, GM and Creator, Blink Space Blues


Godkiller: Oblivion is an eleven-part exploration of love, loss, grief, and triumph told via the Godkiller duet TTRPG. The series tells the story of Inanis Eutoches, renowned treasure hunter, as he strikes out from the City of Glass on toward a story of fate, divinity, and the sacrifices we make for love. Godkiller: Oblivion stands out for its deep emotional vulnerability, brought to life by an impeccably talented cast and elegant sound design.

“We’re really, really proud of this series. We put a lot of heart and soul into it. On behalf of all of us here at Blackwater DND, thank you so, so much. We’re overjoyed, and can’t wait to see you at the festivals!” – Em Carlson, GM and Co-Creator, Godkiller: Oblivion


A love letter to the horror fiction of Alan Wake, Supernatural, and the SCP Universe, Arcane Corps pits a quartet of supernaturally-gifted investigators against the otherworldly dangers and occult conspiracies lurking just beyond the shadows. Together, this all-BIMPOC cast breathes unique life into a well-explored genre through tight-knit, collaborative worldbuilding, an abundance of art and audio production, and heartfelt performances.


This workplace dramedy set in the Star Trek universe invites the viewer on an interpersonal rollercoaster as it peers into the lives of Starfleet’s finest designers, engineers, and shipbuilders through their daily adventures at the Utopia Planitia Starfleet Shipyard. BIMPOC-led and featuring a majority-BIMPOC cast, Clear Skies: Perseverance seeks to inspire the viewer to pursue our own stars by creating a world where science comes first, and exploration is for everyone.


Anywhere But Now is a wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey science fiction adventure series that takes listeners to Gallifrey and beyond. This serialized campaign of exploration, whimsy, and thrills offers plenty for those familiar with the BBC series, but appeals to all actual play fans with its exceptionally crafted sound design and strong character performances.

“I cannot express how much this grant means, both to the team and to me personally, or that Queen’s Court Games believes in us and wants to help us be seen. Thank you so much, this is an honor we won’t soon forget.” – Casey Jones, GM and Producer


On the fantasy continent of Kardias, science, nature, and magic clash in a campaign pitting a diverse band of locals against the oppression and exploitation of the Terian Empire. This in-studio actual play uses Dungeons and Dragons 5e to tell familiar fantasy stories through a uniquely Latin American and LGBTQ+ lens. Re Rol boasts a superb cast of performers, and with slick editing and audio production that reflect the technical and creative expertise of its creators’ film-school backgrounds.

Re Rol is our proudest creation. When we embarked on this project, our primary objective was to produce an Argentinian series that was not only enjoyable to watch, but equally fulfilling to create. Re Rol transcends being just another audiovisual endeavor for us; it stands as a testament to the joy we share among friends. Being awarded a CROWN Grant is a huge honor, and we are grateful for the opportunity it provides to make our voices heard, and continue our commitment to storytelling and creative expression.” – Valentina Alvarez Such and Joaqin Daray, Co-Creators, Re Rol