Watch Rascal's first live Q&A

Consider our brains thoroughly picked.

Watch Rascal's first live Q&A
Photo by Maik Jonietz / Unsplash

Earlier this week, the Rascal crew (Lin, Rowan, and Chase) hosted their first Q&A session over on Twitch and tackled questions about building the website, doing journalism in a pretty messed up media environment, and what our plans for the future look like.

If you missed the live session, check out a VoD here:

Rascal News Q&A - rascalnews on Twitch
rascalnews went live on Twitch. Catch up on their Just Chatting VOD now.

We will most likely do more of these in the future about a broad range of topics as a way of fulfilling our dedication to transparency as we build the good ship Rascal (it also gives three journalists a chance to just talk at an audience for two straight hours). This one will remain free to watch, but future Q&As will live under the paid membership banner–be sure to subscribe if you want access to those and the full breadth of our writing. It's a very good website!

If your question wasn't answered or you want to get in touch–stay tuned! We're not sure when the next one of these will happen, but I (Chase) am spooling up a Discord server in the coming days so that our community can hang out together and (lest I regret it) have a more direct connection to pick our trio of brains.

In the meantime, thank you all for showing up and hanging out. We were frankly floored by the response and engagement in chat, but that tracks with how the nascent Rascal community has shown up since day one. Here's to more immediate crow-eating from me because apparently most of you receive very important breaking news via your email inboxes. Perverts.

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