To be like our PCs: Help flood victims in Brazil

A bundle for RPG players and creators to help flood victims in Brazil

To be like our PCs: Help flood victims in Brazil
This is a community submitted press release.

RPG players are always averting world-ending disasters, helping the needy and generally promoting good in countless fictional settings, from fantasy realms to science fiction polities. But now they, and creators as well, have a chance to help in a real world disaster.

In the first week of May, the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul (RS) was hit by an enormous volume of rain, which caused the largest environmental catastrophe in its history. Besides 143 dead so far, hundreds of thousands lost their homes and/or don't have access to basic services, like water and power.

In order to help the afflicted gaúchos (the name for those born in the state), Mônica de Faria, from the Jogos e Imaginários project of the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel), created the Jam Solidária pelo RS (Portuguese for "Supportive Jam for the RS") and the associated Bundle pelo RS.

Several authors are donating copies of their games, supplements, etc. for the Bundle. Mônica is accepting donations till tonight through this form. They can be anything (of up to 10 pages): adventures, complete games, supplements, play aids and so forth.

And they can be in English!

So, even if you're not from Brazil or a Portuguese-speaking country, you can contribute. BTW, if you are an English speaker, the form's fields read, in order: name you want credited, name of the product, contact email, social media, and upload button.

When the Bundle is ready, whoever donates R $5 (about US $1) for the listed campaigns, can send the receipt to Jogos e Imaginários and get the Bundle. If they donate at least R$ 20, they take part in a lucky draw for a copy of Apocalipse Worlds, Goddess Save the Queen e RebelR, all from Secular Games.

Why let our characters be the only heroes? Let's help the gaúchos through this harrowing time.