Build up a realm and bring down a monarchy in Revolt!

A GM-less fantasy TTRPG for 2 to 4 rebellious citizens, or one gallant knight.

Build up a realm and bring down a monarchy in Revolt!
Revolt! is coming to Kickstarter on 29th May.
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Revolt! is a GM-less fantasy TTRPG for 2 to 4 rebellious citizens, or one gallant knight and it's coming to Kickstarter on May 29.

Play to tell tales in the realm of Lektok, where Mortimus the Toad King has claimed the throne after a bloody civil war. The citizens are struggling under his harsh decree and there are rumours of unrest...

Revolt! cover art by Juan Ochoa. Graphic design by Vee Hendro.

In Revolt! each player takes on the role of a unique faction—a group of like-minded citizens, united by their faction leader and a shared creed.

Art by Juan Ochoa.

To overthrow the monarch, players must travel the realm, gathering support at the towns, landmarks and environments where other citizens live and work.

You'll draw cards and answer questions, describing the sites and citizens you encounter and how your faction wins support or suffers a setback. 

At the end of the game, the faction with the most support claims the throne for their leader and announces a new decree. The others must discover their fate by answering epilogue questions, based on their score.

But Lektok has been changed forever and a new revolt is never far away...

Art by Juan Ochoa.

Revolt! features:

  • simple rules that encourage storytelling and shared world-building, using a map and a deck of cards to play through four stages of a revolt
  • a GM-less system inspired by map or card-based story games: Beak, Feather and Bone, The Quiet YearThe Slow Knife and Fall of Magic
  • a cast of eight pre-made characters and factions, each with their own creeds and decrees to inspire your table or ease in reluctant roleplayers
  • three ways to playStandard Mode for setup and one-shot play, Legacy Mode to create a unique, linked story, or Solo Mode for journalling fans
  • easy to play in-person or online, with access to a custom Miro board, printer-friendly files and built-in rules for playing with a standard deck
  • a deluxe boxed edition, with everything you need to bring the game to the table, including a cloth realm map, 5 meeples and a custom deck of 78 tarot-sized cards

Players: 1 to 4
Average play time: 1 or 2 sessions

A sepia realm map lies on a table, covered with cards and a rulebook
A deluxe boxed edition will be available on Kickstarter.

Revolt! was written and designed by Jason Price—creator of critically acclaimed solo journalling RPG Notorious, plus the ENnie and IGDN award-nominated GM-less RPGs A Complicated Profession and Last Sentinels.

It also features layout and graphic design by Vee Hendro, art by Juan Ochoa, cartography by Chaim Holtjer and editing by Will Jobst.