Roll20 Brings Virtual Tabletop Experience to Discord

Roll20 is launching its app in beta on Discord.

Roll20 Brings Virtual Tabletop Experience to Discord
This is a community submitted press release.

Roll20, the leading provider of online tools for playing tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs), is excited to announce the launch of its app in beta on Discord, the voice, video, and text communications platform. This brings Roll20 to the suite of Activities on Discord, enabling people who love to play games to access thousands of options like Dungeons & Dragons on a full-featured virtual tabletop (VTT) – right inside the Discord interface.

Hundreds of Community Favorites in One Place

Just like the full experience, our Activity on Discord will feature an extensive array of popular TTRPGs, including D&D, Pathfinder, Marvel, Dune, Fallout, Cyberpunk RED, and more – all optimized for play within Discord. Gamers can expect a seamless, full-featured experience, complete with 3D dice, character management, compendium/book sharing, and the ability to roll directly from character sheets. Users who prefer to play on will still have access to integrated voice and video.


Exclusive Features and Cross-Platform Play

Pro and Plus subscribers of Roll20 will enjoy advanced features such as dynamic lighting and compendium sharing directly within Discord. Furthermore, millions of existing Roll20 users can effortlessly transition their ongoing campaigns to the Roll20 Activity on Discord and back again, ensuring continuity and ease of access. New users are welcomed to join the adventure by creating an account on either platform.

Transforming Tabletop Gaming in 2024

On April 30, Roll20 will invite its Pro subscribers to an exclusive beta testing phase within a private Discord server, paving the way for a global launch later in the year. This integration marks a significant milestone in tabletop gaming, merging Roll20's innovative and easy-to-use tabletop with Discord's best-in-class video and voice chat features. Roll20 is celebrating this milestone by offering 30% off first-time Pro subscriptions.

A Commitment to Community and Innovation

"We are thrilled to introduce Roll20 to a new audience through our collaboration with Discord," said Riley Dutton, Founder in Residence at Roll20. "We also know how many existing Roll20 users love Discord, and we’re excited to offer them an easier way to play!”

Key Features & Benefits

  • Free access to the world’s largest and most diverse online tabletop, with support for D&D and hundreds of other systems
  • Launch and join the Roll20 Activity in just a few clicks
  • A unified TTRPG experience that eliminates the need to juggle multiple apps and windows
  • Synchronized campaigns between and the Roll20 Activity on Discord