Rowan, Rook and Decard Launch Backerkit for the TTRPG Heart: The City Beneath's first full-size supplement book

You are caught in the wake of the Delving Machine: a device that bores through rock, blood, bone, space, time and reality, towards the scintillating terror of a crimson eternity.

Rowan, Rook and Decard Launch Backerkit for the TTRPG Heart: The City Beneath's first full-size supplement book
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From the studio that brought you Eat the Reich, DIE the RPG, Spire: the City Must Fall, Heart: the City Beneath, Voidheart Symphony, and the ever-popular bear-based larceny simulator Honey Heist - DAGGER IN THE HEART by Rowan, Rook and Decard is the first hardback sourcebook for Heart: The City Beneath, featuring a full-length campaign designed to take gaming groups to the Heart itself.

The Backerkit campaign for DAGGER IN THE HEART launched at 4pm BST on Tuesday 27th February 2024, and it will be live for 32 days.

As their journey progresses, doomed delvers will encounter a trio of antagonists who each seek control of the delving machine to shape their ideal future: the arms dealer Ptolemy Bay, the aelfir politician Aramos, and The One Who Waits In Ashes, a ragged figure who appears all too familiar. You'll witness the dreadful impact of Zenith abilities – your Zenith abilities – on the places that they journey through. You'll venture via uncanny passages to Summersisle, home of the humans, on the eve of their greatest tragedy.

Featuring writer Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, whose three-month break from computer programming to concentrate on writing has now lasted twenty years and counting, DAGGER IN THE HEART adds to the uncountable number of gaming books that he has written by virtue of the alchemical transmutation of tea and guilt into words. 

Illustrator Sar Cousins’ work focuses on sci-fi and fantasy with a particular love for weird oozing creatures and grotesque wet settings (they loved working on this project). Usually they are hunched over their desk in an inky mess furiously crafting comics and zines or also hunched over their desk playing TTRPGs with their long running campaign mates. 


In addition to standard digital and physical copies of the book, RRD are offering a few higher level pledges on the Kickstarter campaign, including:


Physical and PDF copies of the DAGGER IN THE HEART book and the HEART GM SCREEN: a three-panel landscape screen which depicts the sprawling vista of the Below, where the Delving Machine itself cuts through reality to reach the centre of the Heart. On the rear of the GM screen, you will find valuable advice, tables, and references for any game masters who seek to lead delvers into the deadly world of Heart.


Physical and PDF copies of DAGGER IN THE HEART, a physical and PDF copy of the HEART GM SCREEN, and a randomly selected physical original illustration from DAGGER IN THE HEART by Sar Cousins.