RPGnet and RPGMatch have merged, aiming to reach across divides in the TTRPG community

The three stewards give Rascal an exclusive interview on the importance of stewardship, what new changes users can expect, and the challenges of a massive cultural merger in the TTRPG space.

RPGnet and RPGMatch have merged, aiming to reach across divides in the TTRPG community
Credit: RPGMatch

Today, RPGnet and RPGMatch, two hubs for social interaction in the tabletop roleplaying game space, are officially announcing their merger. RPGnet, the long-standing forum for all things TTRPGs are going to be under new ownership, but don’t get too worried, Christopher Allen, the previous owner/publisher (who will now be titled Publisher Emeritus) will remain as a part owner and stewards of the forum. Longtime community moderator/editor in chief, Rose Bailey (known Miss Atomic Bomb, or MAB on the forum) will also continue to be involved in the site’s content and community. 

Joaquin Lippincott will be the CEO of the merged companies, which will have multiple part owners (including Allen) also involved. . In an email to Rascal, Lippincott stated that “RPGnet is by far the more storied property, so while the ownership is also changing, RPGMatch is becoming a part of RPGnet pantheon, not the other way around.” Further, in an exclusive email conversation between Lippincott, Allen, and Bailey, it’s clear that this is an RPGMatch forged in the forum fires. I sent along a series of questions and received nearly 5,000 words back. Honestly, that was my fault for asking three loquacious and intelligent forum-based nerds about their hobbies. Regardless, I’ve attempted to distill their answers as best I could, hoping to preserve their insight, humor, and passion for this new project. I hope they will forgive me for the omissions.

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