Shrines: Sites of Reverence & Power

A Buddhism-inspired sourcebook of sacred locations for TTRPGs.

Shrines: Sites of Reverence & Power
Kickstarter-exclusive cover design by illustrator Conner Fawcett
This is a community submitted press release.

New art-haus indie press Empty Mountain (Nothing Can Die) offers GMs, worldbuilders, players, and anyone interested in mystical themes the riso-printed sourcebook Shrines: Sites of Reverence & Power, which just funded on Kickstarter.

The book contains:

  • Twelve illustrated vignettes of sacred locations, each with micro-fiction and system-neutral gameplay hooks that GMs can drop into their campaigns or use as inspiration for their own designs.
  • Generator tables for creating shrines, rituals, visitors, and atmospheric detail
  • A short essay on real-world shrines and their use as a trope in games

Sample vignettes

  • Writing by game designer and publisher James Pianka (Magic: The GatheringState of Decay 2, Onyx Path Publishing's Exalted)
  • Illustration and layout design by artist Conner Fawcett (Wanderhome, Lancer, World Ending Game, The Longest Rest)
  • Cultural consultation by Tibetan Buddhist scholar Khenpo Pema Wangdak, founder of the Vikramasila Foundation; cultural consultant, game designer, and writer James Mendez Hodes (Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The GatheringFrosthavenAvatar Legends); and museum educator Jeremy McMahan (Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Rubin Museum of Art)
  • Editing by writer and narrative designer Jerimiah Goad (Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering)