Seafaring Supplement for Ironsworn: Starforged Launches on Kickstarter

Crowdfunding campaign for Sundered Isles sets sail; transports Ironsworn fans to a realm of nautical adventure.

Seafaring Supplement for Ironsworn: Starforged Launches on Kickstarter
Credit: Tomkins Press, Art by Joseph Meehan
This is a community submitted press release.

Game designer Shawn Tomkin is once again expanding his ENNIE-winning family of Ironsworn tabletop roleplaying games, this time with Sundered Isles, a seafaring expansion featuring new rules, player options, and inspirational tools for running swashbuckling adventures across perilous seas. 

Initially announced as a stretch goal for Ironsworn: Starforged, which was funded on Kickstarter in 2021, Sundered Isles adds new gameplay options and tools for a fantastical age of sail setting. Like other Ironsworn titles, Sundered Isles offers support for traditional guided play, as well as solo and co-op play using GMless mechanics and inspirational generators known as oracles. 

Credit: Tomkins Press

Notably, production on Sundered Isles is already near completion, meaning that the book will be delivered digitally to backers just two weeks after the crowdfunding campaign concludes, with physical books to follow. The 250-page Sundered Isles Guidebook, printed in 6x9-inch wirebound format, includes the following: 

Setting info for the Sundered Isles, a world of wooden ships and iron souls
Guidelines for nautical adventures using the Starforged system, including ship and crew management, naval battles, seafaring navigation, wealth and treasure, character downtime scenes, and more 
Extensive world-building tools for launching a seafaring campaign, including forging the truths of the world, building a backdrop of clashing factions, creating characters and ships, and more 
Massive collection of system-agnostic generators and random tables, including seafaring events and encounters, weather, island landscapes, details for overland expeditions, people, shipwrecks, settlements, ruins, caves, treasures, and much more

In addition to the Guidebook, Sundered Isles comes packaged with more than 55 new character assets, allowing players to take on roles as varied as spell-slinging socialites, buccaneer scoundrels, cutthroat assassins, and hulking constructs. Players can mix and match their favorite assets and options from Starforged to build the swashbuckling campaign of their dreams: everything from traditional age of sail, to fantastical voyages across cursed waters, to cosmic journeys upon the astral seas of outer space. 

For those new to the Ironsworn family of games, Kickstarter backers will have the option of receiving the second printing of Starforged along with their pledge for Sundered Isles. The complete Starforged and Sundered Isles bundle collection is heavily discounted from its retail price. 

The Kickstarter campaign runs through April 4th.