Seek Redemption in New Tarot-Based RPG, Fallen From Grace

Fallen From Grace by Bran Lavigne is a solo journaling RPG about angels, failure, and redemption.

Seek Redemption in New Tarot-Based RPG, Fallen From Grace
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About Fallen From Grace

Fallen From Grace is a solo journaling RPG about morality, failure, and redemption. As an angel, cast out from Heaven, you find yourself with one chance to earn your place beyond the pearly gates, in the place you once called home. Along the way, temptation beckons you further down into the fiery pits of Hell. 

An rendering of the print cover of Fallen From Grace.

To play, you will need one tarot deck and a method of journaling. Through journaling entries, prompted by 3- to 5-card tarot spreads, create your fallen angel, track your Grace, and let the cards determine your fate. It should be noted that Fallen from Grace deals with themes of and relating to religious dogma; this game is not intended as a tool to measure real-life morality. 

Fallen From Grace is available in digital and physical formats. Both formats provide players with a 38-page, full-color game book, which contains excerpts from a playtest by Percival Hornak, and a Grace Tracker, featuring gorgeous artwork by Alderdoodle.

About Bran Lavigne

Bran Lavigne can be found at the crossroads of tabletop game design and witchcraft. Bran became obsessed with tabletop games throughout the 2020 lockdowns and has been designing games since 2022. As a designer, they are interested in blending narrative and mechanics to inspire dark and mystical storytelling. Bran is originally from Maine, queer, and neurodivergent. His previous game design work includes A Day in the Death and A Day in the Death: Revamped.

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