Silver age comics crash-land into the weird west in Godslingers, out now!

Cosmic cowboys slinging divine weapons that'll eat 'em alive, eventually.

Silver age comics crash-land into the weird west in Godslingers, out now!
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Long ago the Old Gods lorded over the Fourth Galaxy, these cosmic deities held great power and made their domain amongst the stars themselves. One day they all died. Now, well over three thousand years later, on the fringes of Outward Space, desperados hold the power of the dead gods soul in revolver chambers; they are Godslingers. In time these Godly Embers will consume their wielders if they can’t bring themselves to give up the gun but until such a time comes these cosmic cowboys are loaded up with magnificent power.

Godslingers is a space fantasy western, available now on Itch! This is a game for playing out the dangerous lives of Godslingers, cosmic cowboys wielding divine weapons whose destructive nature threatens to consume and transform them. The majority of players will play the titular Godslingers, while at least one other player acts as the Referee; and takes responsibility for framing scenes, playing supporting characters and making rulings and judgements. It’s designed with multi-session play in mind, with campaigns following the deadly relationship between the player characters and their cursed weapons.

The game begins with a Storytelling Phase where you create some of the long dead Old Gods. You’ll then create a posse of Godslingers who now carry the power of these same gods in weapon form. After creating your Godslingers the rest of the game is in Roleplaying Phase, where you’ll describe what your characters do in their fictional circumstances and roll dice where appropriate to determine how key things play out.

The Storytelling Phase

Presented in a a 56-page comic-book-inspired-format (making use of a six-panel grid style and public domain comic book art from sci-fi, western and fantasy comics) Godslingers features:

  • Useful tools for devising your table's Old Gods; selecting their concepts, their domains and three tales from before the Great Disaster
  • Eight evocative picklists for building the personal history of your Godslingers
  • A unique sub-system reflecting how the Godly Ember graduals warps your very being
  • Five kinds of posse; deadly Outlaws, relentless Bounty Hunters, ruthless Freelancers, strange Stormchasers and lonely Drifters
  • Flying Saucers!
  • Extensive advice for the Referee on running the game
  • The introductory adventure Bullet for a Dragon which takes the Posse to the imposing mountains of Agathos, where a local dragon has been disturbed and is rampaging out of control
  • Three d66 tables for professions, traits and names of spaceships
  • Four d6 tables for building locations
  • Unique adventure hooks for each posse type
  • Rules variations including a GMless version of the game and modifications to facilitate one-shot play
  • Insightful examples of play throughout
The Roleplaying Phase

Godslingers is created by Kayla Dice (Transgender Deathmatch Legend, Terminal) as Rat Wave Game House. This game is written within the setting first featured in the system agnostic guide Old Gods and Young Guns and further explored in the storytelling/map-making game Thirty Foes OR Once again, we are defeated, and though neither game is required reading to have a full and fulfilling Godslingers experience all three are currently on discounted offer as a bundle.

Buy Godslingers now, by itself or as part of the Fourth Galaxy Bundle!