(Exclusive Art Reveal!) Crimson Herald and Samurai Rusk Unveil SINK! - A Thrilling 5e Adventure Set on the High Seas

Take a look at some exclusive art from the upcoming D&D 5e pirate module, SINK!

(Exclusive Art Reveal!) Crimson Herald and Samurai Rusk Unveil SINK! - A Thrilling 5e Adventure Set on the High Seas
SINK! is hitting Kickstarter this Fall!
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Hold fast! Else you might SINK!

On March 8, Crimson Herald, the newest game design and publishing venture from TTRPG personality and NFL athlete Johnny Stanton and writer and game designer Rick Esquivias, announces that they have joined forces with the visionary pop-traditional tattoo artist Sam Rusk to bring forth an epic collaboration in the form of SINK!. These three co-creators have guaranteed the highly anticipated 5e book will be dedicated to its core pillars of Pirates, Tattoos, and Dungeons, creating a unique and thrilling journey for all players.

Cover of SINK!: Treasures of Deep Grotto, featuring a dark island that resembles a half exposed skull with a light exposing its entrance, a demonic head hovering over it, tentacles outstretched, two ships (one of them sinking), and two eels at the top. The layout of the artwork resembles a full back tattoo piece in the American traditional tattoo style.
SINK!: Treasures of Deep Grotto will be available for Free RPG Day at local participating retailers on June 22, 2024.

Preparation has already begun for their Kickstarter campaign coming this September, and thanks to their partnership with games publisher Hit Point Press, it promises an impressive list of products and accessories to excite game masters and players alike!

An American traditional tattoo piece featuring an hourglass containing a sinking ship, a skull and crossbones, and a robin carrying a banner that says "Living on Borrowed Time". All is contained in an oval frame.
SINK! will be launching its Kickstarter campaign in September 2024.

Game designers Johnny Stanton and Rick Esquivias use their long history of co-GMing each others' games to tell a harrowing story; at the same time, artist Sam Rusk leads the endeavor to fill the void of traditional tattoo artistry in the TTRPG space. Combining the trio’s skill sets breathes life into a world where pirates roam the seas, mysterious tattoos hold ancient secrets, and dungeons overflow with untold treasures and dangers.

A ship with flaming sails and a three-headed hound figurehead on the sea. A banner below reads, "The Hounds Sails He Raises". All artwork done in the American traditional tattoo style.
Hero and villain alike sail the Caldereach Sea, searching for treasures.

In addition to their one-of-a-kind art style, SINK! offers original player options, including a multitude of magic item tattoos and four confirmed subclasses: the Buccaneer Fighter, the Mist Breaker Ranger, the College of Tide Song Bard, and the Spellskin Wizard. Furthermore, SINK!’s brand new game mechanic, “Soul Link,” helps players explore the question: “Who ushers your soul to the realms beyond?”

An American traditional tattoo flash sheet with art for the four subclasses: the College of Tide Song Bard, the Mist Breaker Ranger, the Buccaneer Fighter, the Spellskin Wizard.
SINK!'s Four Original Subclasses

Crimson Herald And Samurai Rusk provided Rascal with exclusive images from their upcoming Free RPG Day release, SINK!: Treasures of Deep Grotto. The booklet can be picked up on June 22, 2024 at any participating local game store.

Co-creator Johnny Stanton had this to say about his partners, “SINK! is purely born from our mutual admiration and our desire to work together. All of us at Crimson Herald and Samurai Rusk are hoping to capture the hearts of the ever growing number of people in the intersection of the tattoo/TTRPG Venn diagram!”

Just a few of the Magic item tattoos that are available in SINK!

To add to the player options and expanded rule set, SINK! will include: a campaign setting, a collection of modular, pirate-themed dungeons, and a storyline to tie them all together. 

To keep tabs on the campaign before its launch, be sure to follow Crimson Herald at @CrimsonHeraldGames on Instagram and TikTok, and @CrimsonHeraldGm on Twitter, and @Samurai_Rusk on all socials. 

Visit SINKRPG.com and CrimsonHeraldGames.com for more information.