Songs for the Dusk brings you into a science-fantasy post-apocalypse

A game about trying to build a better future together

Songs for the Dusk brings you into a science-fantasy post-apocalypse
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Once, the Earth was Radiant, flush with prosperity like humankind had never seen. Impossible cities floating on the waves, whole pathogenic strains eradicated overnight, machines that could touch the very fabric of reality—these were but a few of the gifts we gave each other. We lived in the age of miracles.

Then came the cataclysm. Our societies collapsed and our sky was torn asunder. But by some miracle or another, our bunkers survived the fall. We stumbled out into a new world, littered with old technology and dancing with strange new power, and we started to rebuild.

But do not mistake this novelty for peace. Old war machines linger on, and young empires bicker for power and control. Life is still a fragile thing.

Still, our world has known glory before, and it's known disaster too. Now we have a chance to decide what comes next. Make the most of it.


Songs for the Dusk is a Forged in the Dark science-fantasy tabletop RPG for an MC and 2-5 players. Create a crew of brave and compassionate adventurers called striders, ground them in a community of your own design, and watch as they figure out what it means to build a better future together. Play a valiant Aegis, a clever Scholar, or a transcendent Witch; run missions as a crew of unbreakable Rangers or as a group of charming Silvers. Meet fresh new spirits, grapple with old human conflicts in a new context, and hear the notes of a new physics humming beneath the surface of the world—or better yet, channel transcendent powers and conduct the music of the cosmos yourself.

In the downtime between missions, your striders can relax with each other or local NPCs, work on personal or technical projects, or even improve the very community they live in. You'll do more than just build a place you love—you'll have the chance to help it grow and change alongside you.


Created by designer Kavita Poduri and illustrated by Ashanti Fortson, Annie Johnston-Glick, and Yuri Runnel, Songs bends its Forged in the Dark mechanics into a gentler shape to tell stories about adventure, fantasy, science fiction, and community. Taking aesthetic inspiration from Destiny, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, and Friends at the Table's Twilight Mirage, Songs is perfect for players looking for a game about building a better world.

Songs for the Dusk is now available for digital purchase on

Trans people who can't afford Songs at its current price point can receive a free copy by writing an email to Additionally, proceeds from sales of Songs will be going to aid for Palestine indefinitely; details can be found on the game's page.