Songs of the Spellbound Sea for 5E, Live on Kickstarter!

A new supplement with seafaring rules, classes, subclasses, spells, and mini-settings to level up your game!

Songs of the Spellbound Sea for 5E, Live on Kickstarter!
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Songs of the Spellbound Sea is a new supplement for D&D 5th Edition, now live on Kickstarter! It aims to revitalize and revolutionize your campaign, with new material geared towards seafaring adventure and island-hopping campaigns. The book's got a wealth of new content for 5E, carefully designed, thoroughly playtested, and illustrated with jaw-dropping original art (all humans, no AI!).

Songs of the Spellbound Sea comes with an enormous amount of player options, with 3 new classes, 50+ subclasses, 100s of spells, plus magic items, feats, backgrounds, and more. Players can roll up one of the three new classes:

  • The Troubadour, a master of magic & music dedicated to supporting their allies
  • The Swashbuckler, a deft and daring combatant able to skirmish across the battlefield
  • The Bloodrager, a savage warrior who combines a sorcerous bloodline with a barbaric discipline.
A man stands at a ship's rail, clad in leather armor and ruffled shirt, shoulder cape blowing in the salt breeze, slowly drawing a wicked rapier from its scabbard.
A Duelist Swasbuckler stands at the rail, rapier hilt in hand.

Every class in the base game also gets new subclasses, tailored to the challenges and adventures found on the Spellbound Sea. That sea itself is explored through mini-settings — self-contained island chains, which a DM can use for standalone adventures, connect together for a campaign across the sea, or drop into an existing game world seamlessly to open up new adventures. Ranging from the dreadful Curse-Scarred Isles, to the sweltering depths of the Vulknar Jungles, to the elegant machinery of Storm's Eye Citadel, DMs will find new inspiration and players will find new homes.

A woman with a cutlass in one hand and a brace of pistols strapped to her coat holds a rope and stands on a ship's deck, as an explosion bursts in the background.
A Buccaneer fighter awaits her chance to board the enemy vessel.

The book's massive collection of spells includes the entirety of the Spells That Don't Suck project, remastering over 150 spells in base 5E, as well as over 50 new spells written specifically to accompany its new subclasses.

A pink-haired tiefling marches through a village, playing a snare drum, as magic swirls around her feet.
A Spellsinger Troubadour enchants a village with her arcane music.

In addition, Songs of the Spellbound Sea contains new rules for oceanic adventure! Snappy-yet-deep naval combat rules allow players to crew their own ship and duel on the high seas, taking cover as cannon fire rains down around them. Engaging travel rules let players get from one destination to the next, simplifying the bookkeeping involved in a travel campaign while maintaining pace and consequences. And players can own their own ship, upgrading it and customizing it until they have a veritable floating stronghold!

All this makes for a 200+ page book of rigorously tested 5E content, balanced to fit in at any table. And this is a true crowdfunding campaign - every stretch goal hit unlocks new content to help fill out the book, producing a massive treasure trove of material to improve your games. Check it out today on Kickstarter!