submitting an announcement

Rascal's announcement section is a totally free-to-use and free-to-access portion of our site. We do not require membership to submit announcements or even browse the section.

Anyone can submit their own work, or a work that they can be reasonably assumed to represent, to the announcement section. It is a totally free service that we—the three rascals—are offering to the community as a part of our commitment to accessibility and industry development.

Here's how it works:

First, send an email to saying that you would like access to the contributor portal.

You will get an email from Rascal (via, our publishing platform/CMS) inviting you to become a contributor.

In the Rascal CMS, create your announcement. After you're done, it'll show up on the rascal's end, and we'll be able to publish it. We check for announcements every morning.

That's it!

Our full documentation, usually delivered when contributor access is requested, can be read here.

If you are trying to access the contributor portal, click here.

What kind of announcements are you looking for?

We are open to announcements from across the TTRPG industry. A non-inclusive list of announcements we are open to include:

  • New TTRPG releases
  • New crowdfunding campaigns or significant crowdfunding milestones
  • New or new seasons of Actual Play podcasts or streams
  • Casting calls
  • Writer/Artist/Editor gigs
  • Game jams
  • Streaming events (including charity streams)
  • Awards nominations opening

As long as it can be tied to tabletop roleplaying games, as an industry, we are happy to host your work.

We reserve the right to deny publication to any material that violates our ethics and standards, or is overtly bigoted and harmful.

If you still have questions, email Lin at