Teamwork and therapy built Kids in Capes

Austin Taylor continues to discuss the development of the upcoming young superhero tabletop RPG and how their other job bleeds over into game design.

Teamwork and therapy built Kids in Capes
Credits: Sean Peacock/Hunters Entertainment

Let's continue our chat with Austin Taylor, part of the crack design team that has been working to bring Kids in Capes from first concepts to reality (If you missed the first part, it's available to all paid subscribers).

Taylor is the youngest member of a team that has been actively developing tabletop RPGs for years and decades, joining the likes of Jon Gilmour and Doug Levandowski alongside Morgan "Mo" Nuncio and Nick Sauer as they all realize another genre-bent take on Kids on Bikes' original gumshoe and gumption framework. All of the parts you might associate with the series—exploding dice, narrative-forward moves and a spotlight on growing up—join some new tricks: robust combat, superpowers and more.

In this section, Taylor talks about the team's dynamic and how their own life beyond the design role reflects back into the final shape of Kids in Capes, which is entering the final days of its Kickstarter campaign. This one is a bit more into the weeds and personal, but that's where you find the heart of creation, in my experience.

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