Take your Cy_borg games to the edge with Temperamental Upgrades

Temperamental Upgrades is a collection of additional materials for your Cy_borg games, designed to take your punks to the edges of the world.

Take your Cy_borg games to the edge with Temperamental Upgrades
A mockup of the Temperamental Upgrades cover!
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About the project

Made for ZineQuest 2024 and funded in under a week!

Early illustration concept for the Roaming AI class from Temperamental Upgrades

Grab yourself a collection of rules expansions and player options to take your punks to the outer edges of Cy.

Start by throwing your punks into orbit... literally! Skulk through the ports and fly to the moon to escape the corpo hellscape below (assuming you can survive the trip). Are the pleasures of Lunas real? Or is this promised paradise just electrobard vaporware?

Next, get weird with the Exiles out in Patch, the place to get advanced hacks, strange brews, and open source food stuffs. Most of Patch is full of peaceful anarchists, but be careful - not everyone who leaves Cy for a fresh start is doing so with good intentions. How much do you trust that roaming AI to give your body back when the journey is done?

Finally, delve into the depths of The Wreath, a research facility underneath Cy filled with experimental tech and research worth a CEO’s ransom. Tamper with care; this mysterious supercollider’s true purpose could bring about the end of days. Even if you manage to keep things from getting out of hand, you’ll need some serious stims to forget what you saw down there.

The Team

Conlin, the mind behind Has Been Wizards, teams up with Matt of Day 20. Both are veterans of the TTRPG community, producing independent projects for some time. Their love for CY_BORG brings them together to create a mashup of twisted ideas for your favorite dystopia.

Temperamental Upgrades will finish it's crowdfunding campaign on March 15th, 2024.