The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything on Kickstarter

The Amethyst Dragon presents a triple-size 5e sourcebook for Players and GMs.

The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything on Kickstarter
Credit: The Amethyst Dragon, Art by Audy Ravindra and Nathan Bruha
This is a community submitted press release.

Content creator Nathan Bruha, who posts online as The Amethyst Dragon, has created an oversized sourcebook for adventurous people who enjoy roleplaying games that may involve dragons and/or dungeons. A Kickstarter campaign, to fund the printing of the otherwise finished book and get it into the hands of the community, is underway and will run until April 18.

The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything is a 575-page collection filled more than 1,700 original creations for adventurous 5e players and GMs to use in their games, including new subclasses, new species and ancestries, additional feats and added abilities, new items and equipment, new spells and magic items, treasures, points of interest, plot hooks, unique NPCs, monsters, and more.

Those getting the sourcebook will discover it contains triple the amount of content found in each of the two well-known "of everything" books that many people already enjoy.

 For Adventurous Players (and GMs):
• 4 revised species & 2 new species (races)
• 59 new ancestries (subraces)
• 6 character backgrounds
• class feature additions & updates
• 108 subclasses
• 40 feats
• 13 fighting styles
• 46 martial techniques (extra options for martial classes as they advance in level)
• 128 pieces of adventuring gear
• 433 spells
• new actions like guard and taunt
• new conditions, including diseased, intoxicated, and hallucinating
• crafting skill and tool uses

 For Adventurous GMs:
• 30 places and points of interest
• 39 plot hooks and story starters
• 528 magical items
• 31 unique nonmagical treasures
• 20 diseases, 40 poisons, and expanded mechanics for them
• ways to make adventuring more challenging in certain circumstances
• fantasy plants, fungi, metals, minerals, and materials to find around the world
• 62 unique foes and NPCs
• 115 monsters and multi-use NPCs

Image shows 7 overlapping pages from the interior of The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything.
Pages from The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything

Nothing in the book was generated by AI. All of the writing in the book is by The Amethyst Dragon, and all art pieces are either his illustrations or those of other human artists (commissioned pieces, purchased stock art, and public domain works).

Both the hardcover and digital editions of the book are expected to be delivered to campaign backers before Christmas of 2024, making it a great gift for yourself and those other D&D gamers you know.

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Kickstarter: The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything

Image shows the cover of The Amethyst Dragon's Hoard of Everything as both a hardcover and digital version (on a tablet).