Kickstarter: The Edge of Survival

A solo journaling game about a spacewalk gone awry; an ever thinning chance of survival.

Kickstarter: The Edge of Survival
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A spacewalk gone awry; an ever thinning chance of survival

The Edge of Survival is a solo journaling RPG; a game of dire circumstances, of desperation and hope. Also one that is, in part, set in reality.

You are an astronaut outside the safety of your ship. While on a spacewalk, you free floated. The cable tasked with tethering you to the ship snapped. Your oxygen is depleting, and the cold of space is seeping into your suit. In any other circumstance you would be doomed to a slow, painful death, yet there is a chance you will survive. Every 20 minutes, the space station you were once attached to completes an orbit of your home planet, and passes by you once more. Your crewmates must take the small chance they have to save you and bring you back on board. To safety. To home.

Adouble page spread from The Edge of Survival, including the overview of the Lifelines.

The Mechanics

The Edge of Survival is played using a D100. Each round, as your vitals dwindle in the rigours of space, you take actions relying on your suit, your ability to calculate your position, and your sheer determination, trading off that which is essential for your survival for the slim chance of making it back aboard your mother vessel.

The Inspiration

Many points of reference were used when it came to the creation of The Edge of Survival, none more so than the following two: Alexei Leonov and Bruce McCandless. The first cosmonaut to conduct a spacewalk, and first astronaut to make an untethered spacewalk.

Tropes in spacefaring movies trying desperately to bring people back on board also helped. The Martian, Gravity (2013), and Deep Impact as examples.

The Art

The artwork for this project draw from the artwork of Alexei Leonov, and of space race era artwork.

Acrylic painting by Alexei Leonov, painted after returning to Earth.

All art used in this project is 100% AI-free, and is created by Steph "StickyHunter" Farrow, who is also the game designer.

Double page spread from The Edge of Survival, showing the astronaut untethered from their ship.

If you're interested in solo journaling, or space and the perils within it. Consider backing The Edge of Survival!

At time of publication, the Kickstarter is alreayd at 33% funded.

The Kickstarter ends on June 9th, so check it out, follow it, back it before then!