The Game Master’s Book of More Random Encounters

A Collection of Reality-Shifting Taverns, Temples, Tombs, Labs, Lairs, Extraplanar and Even Extraplanetary Locations to Push Your Campaign Past Standard Fantasy Realms and into the Stars

The Game Master’s Book of More Random Encounters
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As most TTRPG fans know, one of the most exciting elements of any roleplaying game is that the story can go anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, Game Masters can’t possibly prepare for every unpredictable request, unfortunate die roll or unbelievably bad player decision that might unfold at their table. That's where this book comes in: Featuring more than 500 more maps, roll tables and story hooks, The Game Master’s Book of More Random Encounters will save readers hours of planning by providing all new enchanting adventure maps, perilous plot twists and unexpected NPCs that they’ve come to expect from the Game Master series in an easy-to-follow format that's compatible with all their 5e adventures. 

Featuring plenty of practical places like taverns, inns and alchemist's labs as well as unexpected locations in far-off realms, farther-off planes and even the farthest reaches of the galaxy, The Game Master's Book of More Random Encounters is everything readers loved about the first book in the series—but EVEN MORE. Whether they’re assigning a destination following a teleportation mishap, wondering what it would be like to dine at chain restaurant in the Abyss or looking for a simple spot for their players to kick their feet up for a few hours (careful, that coffee table is a realm unto itself), this action-packed tome is the remedy for maladies Game Masters didn't even know they had. 


· Dozens of plug-and-play encounter locations suitable for most fantasy settings 
· Variant roll tables to mix up the action for every map 
· Three one-shot adventures to flow into your own campaigns 
· and more! 


Jeff Ashworth is a bestselling writer and editor whose credits includes The Game Master's Book of Random Encounters, The Game Master's Book of Traps, Puzzles and Dungeons, The Game Master's Book of Non-Player Characters and Everything I Need to Know I Learned from RPGs.

Tim Baker is a writer and senior editor for Newsweek Special Editions. He lives in New York City. 

Robert Mason is the creator and host of Bob World Builder, the wildly popular YouTube channel dedicated to Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPGs. 

The Game Master's Book of More Random Encounters will be published on June 16. It is available for preorder now.