Becoming The Villain: The RPG that takes a walk on the dark side.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions in new TTRPG.

Becoming The Villain: The RPG that takes a walk on the dark side.
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How far will you go in pursuit of your goals? Becoming The Villain explores the moral ambiguity and intricacies of falling from grace in There’s A Way Studio’s first title.

Becoming the Villain is a GM-less, solo or multiplayer,  journaling TTRPG that fits any setting or genre of play. Create a character. Give them hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Then use tarot cards to help unravel their story. The cards present your character with challenging situations, twisting your ambitions and goals until you might find your character slowly but surely... Becoming The Villain.

As well as an evocative game in its own right with endless replayability, Becoming The Villain also makes a great tool for Game Masters and Storytellers who want an entertaining way to create villainous characters ready to be thrown straight into their campaigns or stories regardless of setting or genre.

As a character creator, Becoming The Villain arms your villain with:

  • Full backstory, detailing their origins and path to villainy.
  • Ambitions, goals and motivations that reflect what your character wants… and what they will do to achieve them.
  • Roster of side-characters related to your character, both rivals and allies.
  • Skills and abilities your character is capable of.
  • Resources at their disposal.

As a journaling RPG, Becoming The Villain offers a rare opportunity to explore the process of how villains are made. Based on the premise that Villains are made, not born, the game examines how good intentions can lead to corruption, echoing iconic character arcs like Walter White's transformation into Heisenberg, Anakin Skywalker's descent into Darth Vader, or Saruman’s joining forces with Sauron.

Create characters and chronicle their story.
Use Tarot cards to decide their fate.

Becoming The Villain has already garnered recognition from industry peers, being voted winner of the “Bard Award” for Presentation and Artistic Direction at Quiver Checkpoint, Vancouver on day 1 of launch.

With print editions coming soon, PDF copies of Becoming The Villain can be purchased and downloaded now on the creator’s website, on itch or on DrivethruRPG for $7.99.