Pull Up a Seat at Open Table Adventures!

There's a place for every game and every one!

Pull Up a Seat at Open Table Adventures!
This is a community submitted press release.

Open Table Adventures is a YouTube channel was founded last year by Alex (@alexanderthe1dad) and Dan (@dan_the_baker) with the goal of make a place in the TTRPG space where they can create and share amazing content with their friends. 

Their mission statement is “A place for every game and everyone. A place for people to share their passions, their creativity, and their love for Tabletop Games.” 

Alex uses his profound knowledge of editing and video production in order to edit and produce the various one shots and actual plays on the channel. While Dan is in charge of interviewing various members of the TTRPG community and using their background in baking to make recipes based on content from across the space.

Dan and Alex have featured several series and one-shot games on the channel, including Monster of the Week, “Park Strangers”, Call of Cthulu, “A Murder at Manor Mistigan”, and Kids on Bikes, “A Christmas Upgrade”! They have also recorded a one shot of Dan’s game-in-progress StoryBake (the video of which may or may not be out by now). 

Numerous creators have graced the channel, engaging in insightful and meaningful interviews with Dan. Including Rascal News’ very own Rowan Zeoli! She is in good company too, like Jordon Brown, VJ Harris, Devon Chulick, Danny Quach, and many more tabletop creators in the TTRPG space!

One of the segments of the interviews is the TTRPG Spotlight, where Dan asks his guests to shine a spotlight on something happening in the TTRPG world that they want other people to be excited about, as an attempt to help spread positivity throughout the community. 

Dan continues this with the Recipes for Adventures series, where Dan comes up with recipes based on TTRPG content from across the internet. They have made things like: Focaccia for the Atomless, Potato Soup for Spells and Whistles, and Strudel for Dimension 20! 

But what does the future hold for Open Table Adventures? Well Dan and Alex are hoping to expand the channel more and more! More games, more interviews, more recipes, more series, and more seats at the table for everyone to join! So what do you say, wanna pull up a seat?