Thunder Road: Vendetta Roleplaying Game coming in 2025

Drive like your life depends on it in Thunder Road: Vendetta Roleplaying Game.

Thunder Road: Vendetta Roleplaying Game coming in 2025
This is a community submitted press release.

9th Level Games in association with Restoration Games, LLC will create a stand alone, tabletop roleplaying game that will put players in the roles of the drivers in the Thunder Road: Vendetta board game. The designers from the board game, Dave Chalker and Brett Myers, team up with Clark Valentine and Chris O’Neill to expand the world of Thunder Road: Vendetta. 

We have been creating the world of Thunder Road: Vendetta ever since our early prototypes. We've researched all kinds of automotive mayhem literature (i.e. watched a lot of movies and TV shows where cars ram and shoot each other.) However there's only so much of that worldbuilding we were able to showcase in the board game. We're excited to partner with 9th Level Games to unveil the rest of that setting, like the secrets of Bumpo the Clown and what's up with those helicopter pilots anyway? So hop in your Doom Buggy, load up your oil slick dispenser, and get ready to ride the Thunder Road!" —Brett Myers and Dave Chalker 

In this vehicular wasteland, driving is how disputes are settled and legends are won. As a player, you are both a The Hero and Car. If your opponent is in your sights, fire your guns or try to slam them into the rocks. All the while avoid deadly obstacles and your opponents’ own tricky tactics. Each player has a specific polyhedral die that they roll (a d4, d6, d8, or d10) when they are acting as a person - and switch to using a v4, v6, v8, or v10 on the hard roads of the apocalyptic future. 

Thunder Road: Vendetta RPG utilizes 9th Level Games’ polymorph™ roleplaying system. polymorph™ is a compact yet comprehensive rules framework for cinematic roleplaying. It’s designed to provide the full experience of a “crunchy” RPG, but with minimal setup and prep – all without giving up the fun, mechanical depth of an exciting roleplaying system. 9th Level Games released Return to Dark Tower Fantasy Roleplaying earlier this year using this system.

Thunder Road: Vendetta Roleplaying Game is expected to be a hardcover 6x9 inch book with approximately 256 pages. Other accessories are planned, but not finalized at this point. 

9th Level Games plans to crowdfund the project in January 2025. Follow the project to learn more in the coming months here: