Out In Print—Treasures of Glorantha 2

The essential guide to magic items in Glorantha.

Out In Print—Treasures of Glorantha 2
Yanioth the Earth priestess pledges to avenge her sister's murder.

Treasures of Glorantha Volume Two: Relics of the Second Age is the essential guide to lost magics of the Imperial Age. Within you will find the lost secrets of a dragon-worshiping empire, powers stolen by god-manipulating sorcerers, and other arcane mysteries.

This book contains thirty new magic items designed to intrigue both players and gamemasters, and to be accessible to both RuneQuest newbies and seasoned Gloranthaphiles. Will you replace your eye with the dread Eye of Arkat, or perhaps craft your own Thunderstaff to prove your devotion to Orlanth? In addition, this volume's longer article Vows of Power introduces a new common Rune spell which allows any adventurer to gain magical boons driven by their Passions.

Renvald the Great prepares to strike down the arrogant Machine God!

Treasures of Glorantha 2 is (as the name implies) the follow-up to 2020's Gold bestseller Treasures of Glorantha Volume One: Dragon Pass. Each volume in this series can be used independently—chase the treasure your heart most strongly desires.

The Jonstown Compendium is Chaosium's official program on DriveThruRPG publishing licensed products for RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. Its wonders range from Elvis as a magical Roman emperor and magical mushroom-men madness, to the critically-acclaimed introductory RuneQuest campaign Six Seasons in Sartar.

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