Two-Hand Path is a dungeon crawler from Slugblaster designer Mikey Hamm

Draw power-ups right onto your mage's hands in this solo roll-and-write dungeon crawler.

Two-Hand Path is a dungeon crawler from Slugblaster designer Mikey Hamm
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You're a mage searching the cursed ruins of a post-fall city— the ghoul-infested supermarkets and subway tunnels left after a supernatural war. 


Two-Hand Path uses a "polyhedral-yahtzee" inspired combat system, designed to have players make tough decisions, push their luck, and feel powerful.


Level-up by drawing rings, bracelets, tattoos, and scars right on your character's hands. This is your entire character sheet, and everyone's sheet ends up unique. 


  • One player
  • Two hour (4 x 30 min) campaign length, designed for replayability
  • Rules that fit on two pages
  • Tables for treasure, tattoo ideas, and more
  • Four dungeons
  • 24-pages total
  • PG-13. Some violence and scary stuff but suitable for mature kids

The Designer

Mikey Hamm is a designer living in Edmonton, Alberta with his wife Stephanie and their two kids, McDouble and Sly "Buckets" Smith.

His first game, Slugblaster,was nominated for Best Game and Best Art by the ENNIE Awards and was named Game of the Year by the 2023 IGDN Groundbreaker Awards.


“Incredibly concise world building and evocative encounters. God, I love it.” –Michael Elliott, designer of RIG and A Torch in the Dark

Release Date

Two-Hand Path is funding March 13–28, with an expected fulfillment date of June 2024.


CA$12 for the pdf, CA$20 for the physical.

Playtester submissions. Two-Hand Path can also be played alongside friends.