Explore the Human Element of Mystery-Solving with Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy

Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy makes detective roleplaying intuitive and fun!

Explore the Human Element of Mystery-Solving with Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy
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How far are you willing to go to learn the truth?

Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy will ask this and more of you--as you, in turn, ask your own questions, uncover dark secrets, and delve deeper into mysteries than is probably healthy for you. Take on the role of mundane people swept up into anything-but-mundane situations. Will you be able to cope with the toll this takes on your body and mind?

Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy is crowdfunding starting on April 10th 2024, and closing May 10th.

Eureka is a neo-noir investigation-focused 2D6 system (but keep a few D12s handy too!) with multiple degrees of success, and with a unique approach to investigation, combat, and player-characters. It is set up to be a suspenseful experience that is so easy on the GM that it practically runs itself.

Players will stick their noses where they shouldn’t and use a comprehensive variety of skills to comb through the environment, with investigation mechanics that won’t run the campaign up against a wall as soon as they fail a check. In fact, failures are good! Failing checks to investigate builds up “Investigation Points” until the character earns a “Eureka!”, which can be spent to learn a piece of information they would have learned from one of those failed checks! Keep looking, and the pieces will fall into place!

Investigate mysteries in a world much like our own, but with deeper shadows and more than a touch of the supernatural: Why does that girl insist that she be invited into the house? You've known your best friend for 5, 7, maybe 10 years... did you really see his hand split open out of the corner of your eye, or was that just your imagination?

A TTRPG by the disabled, for the disabled--and everyone else too! Eureka tackles themes of disability, otherness, and the burdens people place on others - but also what makes bearing these burdens worthwhile, without breaking its stride as an innovative investigative TTRPG! (And no, there is no "Sanity" mechanic.)

Tying in to these themes, Eureka allows you to play monsters in a way no other RPG does. Compared to playing a mundane investigator, it’s almost like playing a whole different game! Ever wanted to play a vampire who is an unstoppable terror by night, but always has to be invited into a home? A wolfman who is always at risk of losing control and spontaneously transforming? A fairy with the ability to (literally) steal people’s identities? A witch who rides a broomstick and commands a variety of gruesome curses? A shapeshifting horror who can learn by devouring brains, and even take a person’s place? What about a just a normal guy among these, in way over his head? Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy supports all of this and more!

 Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy is ideal for 1 GM and 1-6 players.

Backing Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy on Kickstarter can net you:

  • A copy of the rulebook along with three prewritten adventure modules to get you started!
  • Custom artwork by our team artists, placed right on the pages for all to see!
  • Put yourself or your friends in the rulebook as NPCs to appear when monstrous PCs are looking for a bite to eat!

Eureka: Investigative Urban Fantasy launched its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on April 10th, and was fully funded in under 4 hours!

 With 28 days left in the campaign at the time of writing this, there’s still time to hit those stretch goals, adding additional artwork, player options, and handy tables into the game with each milestone!