Warp Drive Wanderers: A Space Western TTRPG

Warp Drive Wanderers sees the players take the mantle of crewmates running their own starship and exploring the frontiers of space. Inspired by the space western genre, the galaxy is your oyster.

Warp Drive Wanderers: A Space Western TTRPG
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Have you ever looked at the stars and wondered what is beyond? To travel to undiscovered planets, enter exhilarating space chases, and dive head first into strange anomalies? Warp Drive Wanderers is a tabletop RPG that allows players to experience all this and more. 

Warp Drive Wanderers sees the players take the mantle of crewmates running their own starship and exploring the frontiers of space. Inspired by the space western genre, the galaxy is your oyster. With few laws and many opportunities, you can make your mark in the frontier in all kinds of ways.

From corporate rats and scumbag pirates to lost empires and eldritch entities, anyone and anything can happen. So, how will your story be written?

Warp Drive Wanderers is based on the award-winning Powered by the Apocalypse system developed by Vincent Baker. By taking inspiration from this rules-light system, Warp Drive Wanderers can give gamemasters the tools they need to tell compelling stories of the wild frontiers of space.

The Kickstarter campaign, which started on January 18th and ends on March 8th, will bring artwork to life, providing various pieces detailing examples of each playbook and more. Less than seven days to back WDW before it's too late!

Core Rules


It takes a special kind of soul to survive the frontier. Warp Drive Wanderers provides nine playbooks for players to choose from to help them imagine who their character is and why they're exploring wild space.

Gunslinger Playbook

The following playbooks in the core rulebook are: 

Bounty Hunter - Out in the frontier, laws often are left in the hands of the locals. So, when a criminal is on the loose, it is up to the bounty hunters to keep the peace. Whether part of a guild or an independent contractor, bounty hunters can find work in all corners of the frontier.

Bruiser - Some people tackle the frontier through science, others with street smarts and ingenuity, but the bruiser prefers to meet their opposition head-on. As masters of melee, they can serve an archaic but effective role on a crew.

Envoy - The vast frontier has brought the interests of organizations from all over the core worlds. Envoys are the representatives of these organizations. Each envoy has a particular set of skills based on what their organization represents. With an envoy aboard the crew, new ways to approach the frontier open.

Gunslinger - While out in the frontier, actions speak louder than words, and there is no more precise action than a quick draw. Gunslingers cherish freedom, adventure, and maybe even a good drink. They have forged the first trails in the frontier and have some of the fastest hands in the expanse, allowing Gunslingers to be significant assets to any crew.

Outlaw - The frontier is filled with more than wanderlust explorers and shrewd opportunists. Those exiled or fleeing the law may find themselves braving the frontier whether they want to or not. Given the lawlessness of this expanse, an outlaw's expertise could save a crew's life.

Psionic - Many consider psionics a dangerous liability on the core worlds, but they are just one aspect of the weird and wild in the frontier. They wield immense powers but at a potentially terrible price. Psionics can only hope the pros outweigh the cons for the crew.

Scientist - The frontier is filled with the unknown and ripe for discovery. Scientists come in all different forms, but what doesn't change is their thirst for knowledge. The mind is a scientist's greatest weapon; who knows what it'll uncover in the frontier.

Spacer - Spacers have been born and raised on a space station or starship. While they may not be in tune with planetary life, they are adept with technology. The frontier's planets may be alien to most, but spacers know there's a comfort of consistency among the stars.

Xeno - Humans aren't the only species exploring the frontier. Aliens of all shapes and sizes can offer unique experiences and physiologies to aid a crew. Xenos may get odd looks outside their home planet(s), but that doesn't change the fact that no matter their role, an Xeno is a vital crewmember.

Crew Roles

Each playbook has five crew role options to choose from. This choice serves as a mechanical benefit and a tool for collaborative storytelling. Every crew role adds a room or a feature to the starship, allowing for a truly unique experience while traveling between strange new worlds.

Gunslinger Crew Roles (Art Pending)


Having a starship is essential while braving the frontier. Players will come together and choose one of the four ship models. These models help give players ideas about their ship's capabilities and what kind of crew they want to play as.

The following ship models in the core rulebook are:

Courier - Couriers are small but fast ships designed to navigate the stars without drawing much attention. Couriers are great for any crew wanting to focus on scouting, exploring, or covert actions.

Corvette - Corvettes are small ships outfitted for skirmishes. Excellent at hit-and-run tactics, corvettes are a viable choice for close-knit mercenary companies, military squadrons, and those willingly looking for the dangers of the frontier.

Cruiser - Cruisers are average-sized ships and are the standard type used by organizations like federations, guilds, militaries, and pirates. They are also great for crews looking to establish themselves as an independent organization.

Cargo Ship - Cargo Ships are larger ships that focus on defense rather than combat. They are excellent for crews concentrating on trading, transport, or peace-bringing.

So, what will your crew's story be?