Dragonriders Final Stretch: Warrenguard Enters Last 48 Hours of Crowdfunding

“It’s not just a game about riding dragons, it’s about being human.” - Brian Liberge

Dragonriders Final Stretch: Warrenguard Enters Last 48 Hours of Crowdfunding
Featuring art by Shan Bennion @anonbeadraws
This is a community submitted press release by Abbey Kelly on behalf of Luck on the Harbor.

For those unfamiliar with Natalie Pudim's upcoming release Warrenguard – let's get you caught up.

Long story short: it's a TTRPG about riding dragons (that you have a telepathic connection with) as you bond with your fellow dragonriders (the Warrenguard) using a satisfying blend of two token systems (Being Outside Belonging and FATE Accelerated) to explore themes of how found families form in adversity and carve out comfort in a dangerous life.

Or as Brian Liberge says, “It’s not just a game about riding dragons, it’s about being human.”

Dragon sketches on paper using pencil.
Dragon sketches by AnonymousGob

So now, as the BackerKit campaign for Warrenguard reaches its end, it is time to reflect on how it went.

Within 30 hours of the campaign's launch, all starting stretch goals were hit. A day later, two more stretch goals were announced: a postcard with another art piece by Shan Bennion as a bonus for all physical backers, and Jay Dragon (of Wanderhome and Yazeba's Bed & Breakfast) as a stretch goal writer for another rider archetype.

First 48 Hours

Feb. 24th 10am: Warrenguard campaign launches on BackerKit.

Feb. 24th 5pm: Warrenguard meets $5,000 funding goal.

Feb. 25th 10am: Three stretch goals have been met. Over $8,000 raised.

Feb. 25th 2:23pm: All stretch goals have been met. Over $10,000 raised.

Project Updates

From the first 48 to the last 48 hours, the team has been hard at work.

As the budget expanded, so did the scope of the project. Pudim brought on sci-fi and fantasy writer V.M. Ayala to write additional lore and Karen Twelves – known for working on projects such as Blades in the Dark, Fiasco, Dialect, and Thirsty Sword Lesbians – as a copy editor.

Working with local Baltimore business Dice Dungeons continued to reap rewards as Pudim received a prototype for the cubic zirconia dice and locked in on a gold token for the Warrenguard Commander and above backing levels.

Art director Abbey Kelly brought on Leon Coelho, Monica M. Magaña, and Kaden Collins for more rider archetype art and is in talks with Andre Rivera, Nala J. Wu, and Angie Gone for a variety of other pieces.

The latest writer addition was a fun one. In an interesting and joking discord exchange, game designer Brian Liberge wrote a chapter that has since been picked up by Pudim. Her comment: "I can't believe they [will publish] Dragon Train.”

In Talks

A day after the "Dragon Train" chapter played out on Critical Misses Warrenguard AP, Pudim appeared on Morning Ritual. She spoke with Anita and Noir about the playtesting process, conventions, and the current lack of dragonriding TTRPGs (among other things).

Earlier in the crowdfunding month, Pudim appeared on Valiant Dorian's TTRPG Designer Spotlight where they dove into the choices Pudim made in making the game.

Digital sketch drawing of a muscular axe-wielding person with tattoos, piercings, a ripped sleeve, chains, and locs mostly pulled back into a splayed ponytail.
Outsider Sketch by Leon Coelho

But what do players think about the game? Well, I asked some of them!

SpaceValkryies: If you've yearned for a dragonriding TTRPG experience, Warrenguard scratches that itch—and it's not even molting day. The game fits any number of styles and themes. Want a Western? There's dragon trains. Want a more sweeping epic Dragonriders of Pern level campaign? There are chapters baked in to help give you that experience. Most of the worldbuilding can be adapted to suit any genre or mood, it's so fun. Plus, what's not to love about telepathic dragon shenanigans? Getting to be part of an actual play for Warrenguard has been one of the best TTRPG experiences I've ever had and I love my royal purple dragon Reina and my Fresh Face Sofi with all my heart.

AJ Ray: Seventh grade me is living his Eragon fantasies. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and running it.

Depthe Bonney: Warrenguard is incredibly fun and flexible when it comes to storytelling. You can have it be as dark and gritty, or as silly and goofy as the GM and your players want!

Madeleine Mason: Warrenguard is such a freeing game. While in other TTRPGs where slaying dragons is encouraged and rewarded, here you get to play with them and make them so intrinsic to your character. As someone who loves to befriend all animals, big and small in various games, I love the fact that I get to build a relationship with my dragon and have them be so integral to my character.

Brian Liberge: It's incredible that we've had to wait this long for a quality game about riding dragons, but Warrenguard exceeds expectations. It's not just a game about riding dragons, it's about being human. It manages to balance the mundane and fantastic in a way that is easy to run and play. Try it for one session, and at the end you'll be scheduling an entire campaign.

Why Back Now?

If this is fully funded, why should you still back? One big reason.

  1. All funds generated through the crowdfunding will go towards making this game bigger and better.

As for when you can expect it after backing, Pudim hopes to have the PDF released by December 2024 and the paperback in early 2025.

pencil sketch of a dragon with a rider on it's back and a smaller baby dragon
Green dragon sketch by AnonymousGob

Regardless of the amount of funding raised, the team working on Warrenguard is proud of what we have accomplished and we are excited for what is to come.