When you game for charity, everyone wins – at the 2024 D8 Summit Charity Con.

D8 Summit Charity Con is back, in a new location, with an expanded charity mission.

When you game for charity, everyone wins – at the 2024 D8 Summit Charity Con.

D8 Summit Charities is a gamer-facing 501c3 charity with a mission its contributors feel deeply. Started in response to a tornado that devastated a small town, D8 Summit Charities has given back to many communities in block donations supporting small charities – the ones doing the heavy lifting with great need yet small budgets. D8 Summit Charities also works to give back to the gaming community as well, including expert panels at gaming events and providing creative opportunities for new and/or underrepresented voices.

The exterior of the Post House Ballroom, new home of the D8 Summit Charity Convention.

These efforts are made possible by the donations of gamers, and the biggest annual fundraiser is D8 Summit Charity Convention. The 2024 show fun(d)raises with a delightful schedule of RPGs in which to play, auctions, 50/50 drawings, several special guests from the industry, and custom adventures by talented newer authors. This event will take over the small town of Dixon IL on April 19-21, 2024. This event will benefit the Lee County Council on Aging, as well as our outreach and Education efforts.

The exquisite interior of the new venue.

We humbly invite you to attend our show, located an easy 1-hour drive west of the Chicago Metro. A hotel block has been established, and space is still available. Much of our event information, including guests, hotel block, our schedule, and more can be found on our event front page below. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at contact@d8summit.org .

If you can’t attend but wish to support our mission, you can mail donations for auction, and a link is available on the event front page.

As a charity event, donations made may be tax-deductible. Please speak with your tax professional for guidance.