Techno-Quick-Fixes and Climate Change: Your Troubled City explores the steep cost of techno-fatalism

Dive into speculative futures born from techno-quick-fixes for climate change and explore how they shape our cities and everyday lives in this scientific research project, mutated into GM-less city building and slice of life TTRPG!

Techno-Quick-Fixes and Climate Change: Your Troubled City explores the steep cost of techno-fatalism
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Your Troubled City is a scientific research project mutated into a TTRPG. It concerns itself with the spiraling nature of solutionism giving birth to new problems, this troublesome “situation” we call Climate Change. In this game, you dive into speculative futures about our built environment, shaping the structures of our society and the everyday lives we live. Your relationship with the future of our environment will collaboratively construct one of many (un)real troublesome trajectories.

Stroll through the streets of Your Troubled City. Discover its neighborhoods, new and old, stumble upon weird, mundane and fascinating places and get to know their inhabitants. You will experience what problems they are facing, how they cope and how they continue pushing on regardless of circumstance. Through glimpses into everyday lives, you will become familiar with the norms of society, invisible and unconscious guidelines that enable people to navigate through this chaos we call society. You will observe how norms shape the city and how the city shapes the norms, until they gradually fall into oblivion and are monumentalized into a built metaphor.

To explore the husk of your city, built matter consisting of neighborhoods and places, you will collaboratively fill out their respective Blueprint cards in the vein of games like “i'm sorry did you say street magic.” Shimmying between randomized tables, creative hooks, and other inputs to fuel your imagination, you will pour in your own personal flavor of experiences and ideas while considering your city's emergent norms and troubles. After the collaborative sketching your city, you immerse yourself in the daily lives of its residents through roleplaying scenes. These Vignettes infuse vibrant hues into the canvas of your city, adding depth and character to the previously outlined framework. The scenes explore fleeting moments that no historian would ever deem relevant enough to note down in a book, mundane details of life and society that are the soul of your city's husk and the stories that make the dead matter of your city come alive. 

The campaign ends in less than seven days on the 30th of March. Back it before it's too late!