Only one week left to find the Lost Lighthouse!

Lost Lighthouse is a system-agnostic fantasy adventure about surviving a shipwreck on an uncharted island

Only one week left to find the Lost Lighthouse!
This is a community submitted press release.

I have two goals in mind: to share a first glimpse of the Fishbone Archipelago - the swashbuckling setting I’ve been working on for years and to publish this adventure with as much art as possible

- Mikhail

Product mock-up

Lost Lighthouse is a system-agnostic fantasy adventure taking place in a swashbuckling setting of the Fishbone Archipelago and starts with a horrible shipwreck of the merchant ship you and your friends were assigned to. To escape the uncharted island, players will explore moist jungles, face off with ghosts from the past and even challenge the endemic apex predator. Choose your fate by aligning with one of the ancient Gods and reignite the Lost Lighthouse.  

Map of the Uncharted Island

In every playthrough Players will be able to find three other castaway-survivors in various conditions - from poisoned or possessed to already dead. With choosing a Pact to serve one of the Deities, PCs goals, explorations and motives will change as well. 

Instead of fixed stat blocks, adventure uses [Modular challenge] markers for Game Masters to adapt the narrative for the system of their choice and current party power level.

Each time you're playing this adventure you will be able to:

  • Explore eight forgotten locations
  • Forge an alliance with one of the Ancient Gods by fulfilling a sacred pact
  • Find stranded Castaways in need
  • Encounter mysterious creatures and ghosts
  • Recover randomized pieces of lost cargo

With so many unpredicted variants, Lost Lighthouse is here to provide a fresh experience for your table every time!

Adventure will be published as a Digital PDF, 28-pages full colored Zine and a set of Digital Extras at the end of May 2024

Sketch and illustration of Dhaemae yellowtail cormorant

Take a look at the two illustrations showcasing the look I aim at for this adventure along with the original sketches to show backers how their support helps to realize my vision.

Sketch and illustration of Pashtran Scavenger Crab - potential enemy in Lost Lighthouse


Mikhail Malkin: Art, narrative design, layout

Sean Smith: Editing

Lost Lighthouse will finish it's crowdfunding campaign on March 2 2024.