ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Returns for the Reforged Edition on Kickstarter

Get an exclusive look at the character sheet for Lior Eckhardt, the hero on the front cover of ZWEIHÄNDER Reforged .

ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Returns for the Reforged Edition on Kickstarter
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Imagine a world filled with superstition, one where humanity strives against its worst vices, and the line between heroism and villainy is as thin as the edge of a sword. ZWEIHÄNDER Reforged thrusts you right into the heart of this conflict, asking you not just to survive but to make your mark. 

Newcomers to ZWEIHÄNDER Reforged will find a welcoming, albeit dark, game world ready to explore, with intuitive d100 mechanics that put you right into the action with cinematic, tactical combat. For veterans of ZWEIHÄNDER core rulebook and Starter Kit, the Reforged Edition deepens the lore, expands the line with all-new content, masterfully improves the reading experience, smooths out gameplay mechanics, and is backward compatible.

Taking in nearly six years of playtest and community feedback, ZWEIHÄNDER Reforged isn't just a simple update; it's a complete reimagining of the core rulebook. Crafted over the last two years by its original creator, refined with a new writing team, and paired with feedback from our passionate community, Reforged is here to welcome dark fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons fans who are looking for an alternative to high fantasy adventure.

ZWEIHÄNDER Reforged is an easy-to-learn but hard-to-master game. In it, you play a survivor, someone who had an ordinary life in a Profession until the day they had a near-death experience. . . and somehow lived through it. Your survivor is drawn to others who have also faced a brush with death. These other survivors may not even be human; they could be one of the Forgotten ancestries; Firbolg, Dhampyr, Vargr, Selkie, one of the Awakened, or another from the 15 ancestries in the book. From there, you forge deep Bonds during Session Zero that influence the rest of your adventures.

With our Lifepath system, your survivor is more than a set of stats; they're a living, breathing person with a past, ambitions, and most crucially, flaws. Your survivor will learn new skills and abilities as you role-play their Inner Strength and Tragic Flaw. Like every good story, your adventures will culminate into second and third acts, where you’ll decide which Profession your survivor will step into next.

ZWEIHÄNDER Reforged launches on Kickstarter in March 2024. Follow our journey here:

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